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Routers in Junebug allow you to use a single channel with multiple applications.

This can be useful in cases where, for example with an SMPP transport, you have a single bind with a provider, but multiple SMS lines.

Or if you have a USSD line, and you want the subcodes to go to different applications.

The routers are desgined in such a way that you can do both one to many, and many to one routing, for example where you have multiple MNOs that you have a separate channel for each, but you want all messages to go to a single application.

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Built in router types

The following routers are available with any default setup and installation of Junebug.

From address router

The from_address router type routes inbound messages based on regex rules on the from address.

The config for the router takes the following parameters:

channel (str):The channel ID of the channel whose messages you want to route. This channel may not have an amqp_queue parameter specified. Required.

The config for each of the router destinations takes the following parameters:

regular_expression (str):
 The regular expression to match the from address on. Any inbound messages with a from address that matches this regular expression will be sent to this destination.
default (bool):Whether or not this destination is the default destination. Only one destination may be the default destination. Any messages that don’t match any of the configured destinations will be sent to the default destination. If no default destination is configured, then non-matching messages will be dropped. Optional, defaults to false.